Here at Pink Thistle Designs we think it is a terrible shame that after your big day your Tiara is left in the cupboard.

Many Tiaras are composed of pearls, glass beads and crystals which can all be used to make you a bracelet, necklace or several items of jewellery which would enable you to wear it time and time again.

Mrs Clark contacted us after her Tiara had sadly fallen apart as her grand children loved it for dressing up. Mrs Clark wanted to have something wearable for special occasions. Jane made her a triple strand necklace and matching bracelet.

"Thank you very much, I never new so much could be made out of so little"

Perhaps you have a favourite piece of jewellery which is looking a little dated or is need of repair. Maybe you have an heirloom piece or some beads rolling around in a drawer and you would love to wear them.

Joanne had heirloom amber coloured beads which needed updating and restrung. With the addition of a few extra pieces Andrea made her two necklaces.